10th August 2017


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Top Tips on How to Organise Your Paperwork

In today’s busy world, it is difficult to keep on top of everything. Filing, and organising, paperwork may not be at the top of the list of your priorities, but the truth is that in many circumstances, the proper organisation and management of paperwork is important. Not only can it save you time, but also money and space.

Top Tips on How to Organise Your Paperwork

At ‘Ordered’ we love organising paperwork. Here are some of our top tips for organising your documents:

Don’t let it build up – ensure that you regularly file your paperwork, and safely destroy or dispose of documents which you no longer need.

Clearly label and identify files – and keep them up to date, this will help you to find them later, and to keep them

Keep paperwork in categories, and, generally, keep the documents in each category in date order – this often helps when finding relevant documents, and can also allow a person viewing the documentation on your behalf to quickly identify the background of the matter;

If you are a business or other organisation, ensure that you have a written office paperwork management plan, which employees follow – this will ensure that everybody can locate and file documents in the correct place.

Generally, do not file documents which need actioning, unless you have recorded that you need to action them elsewhere – it is incredibly easy to forget paperwork which you have already filed away. Use a tray to assemble document which require actioning.

Consider which documents and paperwork you want to hold on digital media, and in what format – and make sure that these documents are routinely scanned and saved onto your chosen format.

Enjoy keeping your paperwork organised – once you have organised your documents and paperwork, you are more likely to maintain your records in an ordered fashion!

If you require any assistance with the organising of your paperwork, please get in touch with us at ‘Ordered’, and we can discuss the services which we provide.