31st January 2019


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Legal Duty of Care by Social Media Companies to Protect Children and Vulnerable Persons

The Daily Telegraph have been campaigning for the implementation of a duty of care by social media companies to ensure that they are not promoting harmful content to vulnerable people and children, which has now resulted in a decision to issue a White Paper setting out the Government’s plans for new rules for social media within the next six weeks. It is hoped that a regulator will be in place by October 2019 in order to govern the new rules.

Child iPad

Tragic cases, such as the death of Molly Russell in 2017, who was aged 14 at the time of her death, are frequently highlighted in the news. Molly sadly took her own life after viewing online images glorifying self-harm.

Norman Lamb, chairman of the science and technology committee, said “Fundamentally, our view is that social media companies have to understand that there’s an obligation and duty to protect young people in particular, and there will be consequences if they don’t.

At Ordered Data Protection Consultants we strongly endorse these proposals, with a view to supporting children and vulnerable persons to be safe online.