4th January 2018


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An International Perspective on Organising Documents

From the ancient Chinese philosophical system of harmonising people with the surrounding environment, feng shui, to relatively new large international companies, such as, the Swedish, Ikea, there are lots of national, and international, influences on how we organise our personal and professional lives. One of the more recently highlighted influences on decluttering and organisation, comes from Japan, where living spaces are frequently small, and there is little room for clutter. Another fashionable term in common usage right now is the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, a word which could, potentially, take pages to define, and which is hard to directly translate into English (but it is based on the concept of cosiness).


These are not concepts which we are going to discuss in any detail in this newsletter; there are plenty of online resources, such as advice from Marie Kondo and The art of Danish hygge, which discuss these concepts with much more insight than we could ever provide. But what we, as a document management and organisation company, can take from these and other international concepts, is that there is a desire, within many people, to put, and maintain, our belongings in order.

This desire appears to not just be a matter of practicalities, but also appears to have an influence on our minds, creating a sense of calm. Putting concepts, such as those outlined above, into practice, is likely to have a positive impact on your mind, and productivity. ‘Ordered’ seeks to help individuals and organisations achieve this sense of order, through our document management services.

Deciding on what works best for you, or your organisation, is an important step towards creating your own sense of order. Testing various techniques may help you or your organisation achieve your ultimate goals and objectives.

It is easy to understand how we, both as individuals and in larger organisations, can become overwhelmed when our work spaces become disorganised, and recognising when this is happening, or has already happened, is important in terms of addressing and resolving the problem.

If we can be of any assistance to you, through our document management and organisational services, please do not hesitate to get in touch!