• Are you wasting time and money trying to master a specialist legal field – if so, why not let experts do the work for you?

  • Do you recognise the value of the data you are processing? Personal data is a valuable part of your organisation and needs to be protected like any other business asset.

  • What could happen if you fail to comply with the law?  Financial and reputational losses to your organisation could be the result.


  • Help your business to secure contracts

  • Stay ahead of your competitors

  • Increase the value of your business

  • Reduce the risk of a data breach within your business

  • Provide your clients and staff with reassurance that they can share their data with you

  • Save time and money in case of a data protection incident

  • Make sure that you are compliant with the law

Data Protection Consultants – Experts in Compliance

Claire Beckley

Ordered are data protection experts, focusing primarily on the legal organisational aspects of compliance.

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